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Main Characteristics and Features

  • The Glydea 60e curtain motor system is designed to quickly and quietly automate
    curtains with the added benefit of manual override. Glydea 60e comes in 2 versions:
    DCT and WT, with near-quiet operation of 42dBA. Using a Somfy patented cover neat
    design, the Glydea 60e system hides the cabling and protects the connectors and control
    modules inside the motor. Glydea 60e has a maximum capacity load of 60kg/10m, and
    can be easily installed on all curtain types and shapes. A Somfy innovation, Glydea
    60e is built with a Touch Motion feature, allowing users to open and close the curtain
    by pulling the fabric. The Lyrease mechanical system also automatically disengages the
    motor drive shaft for manual operation, preserving the fabric.
  • Manual override operation available.
  • Touch motion feature.
  • Inter-changeable Left or Right mount.
  • Motor can also be hidden in false ceiling.
  • Suitable for track length up to 10m for 60kg.
  • Glydea 60e Tandem module available at track length up to 10m for 100kg.
  • Two additional control options available:
    – RS485 digital technology to interface with two-way home automation
    communication systems.
    – Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) can be activated with an in-built radio receiver.
  • Intermittent usage.

Fabric Tension System (FTS)

Motor Selection Chart


  • Select the length of the application (‘y’ axis).
  • Select the width of the application (‘x’ axis).
  • A safety factor has already been incorporated.
  • Keep in mind any additional friction that may alter the minimum torque required.


  • Consider the sturdiness of the structure when choosing the motors.
  • Fibreglass based fabrics may not stretch evenly.
  • Somfy does not supply guide cables and cable guide flanges. Somfy provides nylon straps and guide flanges to suit a strap based system.
  • To avoid the fabric sagging, use a guide system if the total weight of the load bar and fabric is:
    • greater than 6.5kg when utilising FTS Gemini 25/17.
    • greater than 16kg when utilising FTS Orion S 55/17.
    • greater than 20kg when utilising FTS Antares 70/17.

LT 50 FTS & LT 60 FTS

Main Characteristics and Features

  • 230V / 50Hz tubular motor.
  • The FTS range is specially adapted to suit Fabric Tensioning Systems. Utilising two motors and specific electronics to manage the run of the system, the FTS motor is unique in its operation. Horizontal and inclined shading is where the Fabric Tensioning System is particularly adept.
  • Rapid set limits.
  • 6 minutes running time (electronically limited).
  • Suitable for tubes: Ø50 to Ø70.
  • Specific FTS Hi-Pro Box and FTS motors required for operation*.
  • Requires the use of a crown and wheel for tube adaptation.
  • Horizontal mount only.
  • Intermittent usage.
Skylight 110/130

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